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SDO Impacts of 5G-DIVE

5G-DIVE Vision - Edge Intelligence for vertical experimentation 

5G-DIVE is working towards a bespoke end-to-end 5G design tailored to the requirements of the applications targeting Industry 4.0 and autonomous drone scout, such as digital twinning and drone fleet navigation applications. 

With the computing fabric ino longer only being centralised in the cloud but pervasively distributed through Edge and Fog come new possibilities for the integration of intelligence located closer to the user.

  • There is a diverse set of terminal types which all have computing capabilities ready to be harvested.
  • Edge and Fog are complementary. Jointly together, they will define the computing substrate of next generation radio access networks.
  • Distributing AI towards edge and fog devices will allow more tuned automation and dynamic adaptation.

Inputs to 5G tandardisation 

This project has been selected by the 5G-IA Pre-Standardization WG as a European collaboration success story as part of its tracking and assessment of research feeding into 5G standardisation.

5G-DIVE has made 52 contributions to major standards organisations, 3GPP, IEEE, ETSI, IETF, with 18 accepted inputs so far, including: 

3GPP Working Groups: SA2 - Architecture (S2-2003269; S2-2003270; S2-2005982; S2-1910422; S2-1912612). 

ETSI Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC(20)000258; MEC(20)000259; MEC(20)000261)

IEEE (802.11bc: discussion on and supporting document for CIDs 1011, 1012, 1046, 1047 and 1069)

More examples of inputs to standardisation can be found here

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