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SDO Impacts of 5G-CLARITY

5G-CLARITY Vision 

This 5G PPP project is focused on developing and demonstrating a Beyond 5G (B5G) system for private networks integrating multiple wireless access technologies including 5G, Wi-Fi and LiFi technologies, all operated through AI-based autonomic networking.

The widespread adoption of private 5G networks, requires: 

  • Seamless interworking between 3GPP 5G access and legacy technologies (e.g. wired Ethernet, IEEE 802.11) -> backwards compatibility.
  • Small operational costs-> easy operation and flexible integration with public 5G networks (for CAPEX reduction).
  • Ever-increasing network capability portfolio-> ICT-driven network evolution allows for OT-driven service innovation.

Inputs to 5G Standardisation

To realise its vision, 5G-CLARITY has made a significant contribution to three major standards bodies: 3GPP, ETSI and IETF, reported to the 5G-IA Pre-Standardization, which tracks and assesses inputs from projects funded through the 5G public-private partnership. 16 inputs have been accepted so far by:

3GPP Working Groups:  SA1 - Services (S1-204435; S1-204436c); SA5 - Management, Orchestration and Charging (S5-201594; S5-204463; S5-204465; S5-205403; S5-202339; S5-205338; S5-211479; S5-205402).

ETSI: Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC(20)000258r2; MEC(20)000259r2; MEC(20)000261r2). ETSI Zero Touch Network and Service Management (ZSM(21)000023r2)

IETF: Autonomic Networking Integrated Model and Approach (ANIMA); Reliable and Available Wireless (RAW) 


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