RAN Rel-18: Priority Requirements for manufacturing from 5G-ACIA

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RAN Rel-18: Priority Requirements for manufacturing from 5G-ACIA

Michael Bahr, Siemens Technology, presented the priority requirements collected so far in 5G-ACIA at the 3GPP MRP workshop on RAN Release 18 for Industry Verticals in June 2021. Michael is the 5G-ACIA Working Group Chair of WG1 Use Cases & Requirements;  rapporteur of 5G-ACIA work item on 5G-ACIA-related use cases, requirements, and KPIs for 3GPP SA1 and 3GPP SA1 Rapporteur of work items cyberCAV and (FS_)eCAV – TS 22.104, TR 22.832; Rel-17. 

Many but not all the industrial requirements are included in 3GPP Rel-16/17 SA1 documents, e.g. CAV studies and work items. Rel-15 hardware is currently rolled out. Testing of Rel-15/16 hardware will provide insights on required enhancements and improvements of 5G Advanced. However, testing of Rel-16 industrial 5G features has not been possible yet. 

This is a preliminary list of 5 priority requirements based on an on-going detailed investigation. Dependability and determinism are key for industrial use cases and  guaranteed KPIs are important. 

  • Increased demand on uplink service: for example, several assembly lines per zone, ~16 UE per assembly line, 80 Mbit/s UL per UE (video, data streams, …) → ~6 Gbit/s uplink data rate per zone (URLLC requirements apply). Currently discussing whether already supported or enhancements are needed. 
  • Low-power positioning device with high precision: 5G positioning is a promising solution to improve power consumption and UE complexity for broader usability of 5G positioning.
  • Enhanced URLLC:  Efficiently support real time use cases (e.g. E2E 4 ms cycle time and 99.9999% reliability) in arbitrary deployments and with increasing UE numbers and capacity requirements. Effectively support mixed-service co-existence. 
  • Network exposure interface, further QoS monitoring: See, for example, the 5G-ACIA White Paper “Exposure of 5G Capabilities for Connected Industries and Automation Applications”. This white paper is not only applicable to industrial factory 5G use cases but also to rail and energy. 
  • ProSe / Sidelink communication for industrial IoT: for special deployments such as cooperative carrying by a group of mobile robots. 

These new industrial 5G use cases and ongoing 5G-ACIA work will lead to further specific requirements for enhancements with updates expected in late 2021. 

Download the presentation here

Mapping of Common Requirements
RAN Rel-18

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