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5GROWTH is an EU-funded project under the 5G public private partnership that is geared towards enhancing industry verticals such as Industry 4.0, transportation and energy with AI-driven automated and shareable 5G end-to-end solution. 

  • Processing vertical service requests.
  • Enhanced network slices management including RAN slices, to deploy the E2E vertical services.
  • Closed-loop automation and SLA control for vertical service lifecycle management (create, instantiate, update/modify, terminate.
  • AI-driven end-to-end network solutions to jointly optimise Access, Transport, Core and Cloud, Edge and Fog resources, across multiple technologies and domains.

5GROWTH is integrated with two end-to-end platforms, also funded via the 5G PPP: 5G EVE and 5G-VINNI for field trials to perform technical and business validation of 5G for industry verticals like Industry 4.0, transportation and energy. 

Developing the 5GROWTH platform will help create, provision and manage the vertical services with AI-driven innovations. 

5GROWTH Inputs to 5G Standardisation 

So far, 5GROWTH has contributed 57 inputs to various standards organisations, 24 of which have been accepted or adopted, including:

3GPP SA1: Services. S1-204435.  Description of switching terminal connections from terminal to terminal to local network via a gateway.

3GPP SA1: Services. S1-204436. Description of switching hosting environments via a gateway.

3GPP SA2: Architecture. S2-2005788.  A solution for low latency switching of user plane functions between MNOs for edge deployments. 

3GPP SA2: Architecture. S2-2005942. Service continuity when it is necessary between a private and public network temporarility.

3GPP SA5: Management, orchestration and charging. S5-201596 Rel-16 Study Item “study on non-public networks management” Relevant contribution for 5GROWTH network slicing mechanisms as a means of NPN provisioning in industrial 4.0 scenarios. The contribution treats the use of slicing (following a NSaaS model) to provisioning public network integrated with non-public networks (NPNs), emphasising the public-private integration. 

3GPP SA5: Management, orchestration and charging. S5-204463 Rel-17 work item “Management of non-public networks (OAM_NPN) The interconnection of verticals and facilities like 5G-EVE and 5G-VINNI is allowing 5GROWTH to analyse the implications of integrating non-public networks (NPNs) and public network services to satisfy requirements in industrial environments. This contribution is part of a series of contributions related to the concepts and results available.

ETSI Experiential Networked Intelligence (ENI). ETSI ENI PoC #9. This PoC will embed algorithms, strategies, and procedures for the composition, sharing and auto-scaling of network slice subnets to build and dynamically adjust the entire set of end-to-end network slices following a closed-loop approach (Task 2.4) to meet service-level requirements, while optimising the usage of the underlying 5G infrastructure, jointly considering access, core, edge, cloud resources. Such strategies will be fed and assisted by the ENI system, based on short-term and long-term profiles related to resource availability, service and network slice performance, service demands, a.o.

ETSI Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC). MEC(20)000258. Outlines the E2E architecture framework for an intelligent edge and far edge integrated with an E2E 5G system.

ETSI Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC). MEC(20)000259. Description of the 5GROWTH use case for Industry 4.0 on zero defect manufacturing and the role of edge. 

ETSI Zero Trust Network and Service Management (ZSM). Report on capabilities provided by OSM, as reference orchestrator for the integration of project innovations at 5TONIC, to support multi-domain closed-loop operations

IETFInput relevant for Industry 4.0 use cases, where a massive number of devices need connectivity and might benefit from the local addressing assignment mechanisms described in the draft. This document describes extensions to DHCP to allow a requester (client or hypervisor) indicate the preference of the type of local address to obtain. This is applicable to 5Growth scenarios, e.g. in Industry 4.0. It is an adopted WG document at the very end of the publication process as RFC.

Download the success story selected by the 5G-IA Pre-Standardization WG, which tracks contributions from 5G PPP projects. 

Tezcan Cogalan, Interdigital and 5GROWTH

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