PSCE Online Conference 19-20 January 2021

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PSCE Online Conference 19-20 January 2021

The PSCE Conference 2021 is taking place 19-20 January 2021 as a virtual event with opening remarks from Dr David Lund, President of Public Safety Communication Europe. 

Topics on day 1 include cyber security and resilience with presentations from ENISA, DG CONNECT, Airbus, GSMA, University of Lancaster, University of London, Airgain. The afternoon session focuses on useful, usable, trustworthy Artificial Intelligence systems for public protection and disaster relief with talks from a Member of the European Parliament, French Firefighters SDIS 13, Earthlab Luxembourg, the Finnish National Rescue Association, H2020 Ingenious project and the Broadway project.

The agenda for 20 January zooms in on the climate emergency with a look at the challenges for PPDR with insights from the Joint Research Centre, Climate Change Post, IFRC, New South Wales Government, University of Lancaster and Everbridge Public Warning. The rest of the day centres on new space applications and their relevance for PPDR with talks from the European Space Agency, the BroadGNSS project,, the German Aerospace Centre, Eutelsat. 3GPP specialist Toon Norp from TNO explains how satellite communications may be used for public safety.

Event participation is free of charge. For more details and to register, visit PSCE Virtual Conference 


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