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Positioning Enhancements

5G is an oportunity to drive positioning enhancements as a common requirement across diverse vertical industries.

Key requirements and pointers from the 2nd 5G Vertical User Workshop (July 2019) include:  

  • Factory/campus positioning, IoT, V2X, 3D positioning, cm level accuracy.
  • From a vertical perspective, it is important to drive improvements also in terms of reliability and integrity.
  • In police work, good positioning solves the challenges of locating humans, devices and vehicles, reducing the amount of air time needed to ask: "where are you?"  

According to Steffen Schmitz from Volkswagen, positioning is relevant for automotive and factory automation use cases, potential for hidden champion.

Relevant verticals and associations: IIoT (5G-ACIA), automotive (5GAA), Public Safety (PSCE).

Pitches on positioning enhancements: Andreas Mueller (5G-ACIA), Steffen Schmitz (Volkswagen), David Lund (PSCE), Kees Verweij (Police of the Netherlands).

Relevant 3GPP TSG: RAN interactions with a view to driving standardisation work based on mutual priorities.

Mapping of Common Requirements
Positioning Enhancements

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