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NR Multicast Broadband

MBMS stands for Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service. It is a point-to-multipoint interface specification for 3GPP cellular networks, designed to provide efficient delivery of broadcast and multicast services both within a cell and the core network.

The 2nd 5G Vertical user Workshop (July 2019) explored a set of common requirements across vertical industries with a view to pinpointing new areas of collaboration and interest groups. Here are the main outcomes for NR Multicast Broadband.

The main drivers for NR multicast broadcast from a vertical industry perspective are: 

  •  V2X, Public Safety, Broadcast, Industry automation and Satellite (non-terrestrial networks).

From an automotive perspective, MBMS could enable an alternative mechanims for SW/data distribution according to Steffen Schmitz, Volkswagen.

Standardisation work within 3GPP can also benefit individual companies, such as Enensys, which is a provider of MBMS.

In police operations, MBMS is important in crowded spaces.

Further efforts on this common requirement call for simple, workable solutions.

Relevant verticals and associations: 5GAA, PSCE, EBU, IIoT, TCCA. 

Pitches on common requirements for MBMS: Steffen Schmitz, Volkswagen AG, Roland Beutler, EBU/SWR, Kees Verweij, Police of the Netherlands. 



Mapping of Common Requirements
NR Multicast Broadcast

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