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Non-public Networks

The 2nd 5G Vertical User Workshop (July 2019) explored a core set of common requirements across vertical industries to help drive collaborative efforts on standards work of mutual interest. Here are the main outcomes. 

  •  Local deployment for a restricted set of users typically in a factory environment (Industrial Internet of Things).
  •  Isolation, strong performance and QoS, accountability. Full control. 

Potential new aspects include: credential provisioning and roaming scenarios. Future work should be based on prioritised study/work items within 3GPP. It is, however, important to note that NPNs are critically important for 5G-ACIA, as stated in its white paper. 

According to Steffen Schmitz from Volkswagen, non-public networks need to be small scale for verticals, e.g. automotive, also to reduce management complexity.

Non-public networks are also a requirement in broadcasting but also need to by dynamic, e.g. for coverage of live events like the Tour de France, not just static as in factories. 

Utilities must have private networks. Low latency in the utilities is about asset protection. In a blackout situation, deivces have to be shut down to save batteries. 

Next steps include a gap analysis on 3GPP Release 16 (SA2 - Architecture) and definition of future study work for Release 17.

Relevant verticals and associations: IIoT (5G-ACIA), Public Safety (PSCE), Broadcasting (EBU), Utilities (EUTC).

Pitches on non-public networks: Steffen Schmitz, Volkswagen AG, Julian Stafford, EUTC, Andreas Mueller, 5G-ACIA, Philippe Agard, Nokia and TCCA, Roland Beutler, EBU.

Mapping of Common Requirements
Non-public Networks

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