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3GPP CT6 smart card applications

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is the primary body for developing technology specifications for cellular networks. It self-organises through its Working Groups coordinated by the Chairs of the Technical Specifications Groups (TSGs).

CT WG6 (smart card application aspects) is responsible for Development and maintenance of specifications and associated test specifications for the 3GPP smart card applications, and the interface with the Mobile Terminal. 


  • Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) which is used by 2G systems.
  • USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) which is used by 3GPP systems.
  • ISIM (IM Services Identity Module) with the exception of the security algorithms (developed by SA WG3). 


Heiko Kruse, CT6 Chair, IDEMIA. Member of ETSI. Re-elected in February 2020.

Ly-Thanh Phan, CT6 Vice-Chair, Thales. Member of ETSI. Elected in January 2020.

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